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mutt and gmail

Per recommendation from a neckbeard friend, Aaron, I set out to try out Mutt as my email client. Since my email is hosted by Gmail, there’s a little extra configuration needed than just setting up an IMAP inbox. Also, since people actually send multimedia emails, I wrote a small patch for Mutt that detects it’s talking to a Gmail IMAP server and adds a couple custom headers to the message, one of which is the permalink to the email so it can be easily opened in a browser if need be. I’m sure I am one of the few that actually like Google Contacts, so I use Goobook for address completion. And no reason to go through all the trouble of setting up Mutt and not setup GPG for signing/encryption too. I am a fan of Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized color scheme, but I prefer a bit more contrast: I modified the Mutt colors Solarized Dark 16 colors for this preference.

Latest versions of my conf/patch can be found at:
mutt conf GitHub repo
mutt gmail patch GitHub repo

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