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Jenkins and Phabricator sitting in a tree

We’ve been using Phabricator for just about a year here at Disqus. It was originally created at Facebook and open sourced in Spring 2011. To sum it up using their own words: “Phabricator is a open source collection of web applications which make it easier to write, review, and share source code.” The small team working on it at Phacility (the SaaS company behind Phabricator) is constantly improving it so it’s on a continuous release cycle.

Jenkins has been used for continuous integration testing here for much longer. I’m not exactly sure for how long since it was setup before I started in September 2011. David Cramer has always been pushing for an ideal continuous integration/deployment system (IE here here) so part of my duties has been to improve what we have to achieve that goal (we’re hiring).

Currently, there isn’t a direct CI hook into Phabricator that is as deep as say Github+Travis. However, with a little script and an simple event listener for Arcanist, we can replicate most of that functionality.

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Introducing myvault

I wanted someway from a Unix shell to edit an encrypted file that would store some semi-sensitive information. Google failed to bring me any acceptable candidates. So I decided to dive into the world of shell scripting and came up with something I’m going to call myvault.

It uses OpenSSL to generate a random 32 character password, which it then uses to symmetrically encrypt the file. The password is then asymmetrically encrypted using an RSA key. A new random 32 character password is generated every time it is run.

By default, it uses your SSH key to open a file called “.myvault” in your $HOME directory using Vim. You can pass it arguments to use a different encrypted file and/or private/public key(s). You can even encrypt/decrypt any file which it then spits to STDOUT for your use.

Now I’m no shell scripting genius nor a complete beginner. So I may have done things inefficiently or down right wrong. Please leave feedback for improvements or changes.

Check it out here: