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How to Update OpenSSH on Mac OS X

Just for kicks, I wanted to try using an ECDSA key for ssh authentication. Unfortunately, the OpenSSH bundled with Mountain Lion (10.8) does not support ECDSA keys (nor can one even be generated with ssh-keygen.) The man pages for ssh-keygen and ssh-agent say they support ECDSA, but this is due to a naive man page generation assuming that since the OpenSSL library supports it, OpenSSH will too. Also, a PCI compliant OpenSSH isn’t bundled with OS X Lion (10.7) or older so this will also be useful for those users as well. Thankfully, Homebrew already has a recipe for installing an up-to-date OpenSSH so most of the work of upgrading is already done.

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MySQL 5.5 Homebrew Formula

I recently switched to a 27″ iMac workstation running Snow Leopard from Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat). The resident Mac fanbois suggested Homebrew over Fink and MacPorts. At first I didn’t heed their warnings and went with MacPorts (I do love the FreeBSD ports system of which MacPorts is based on). However, when it decided to start setting up its own environment I understood the warnings. So I scrapped that and went with Homebrew.

Small issue with Homebrew is it seems to want to stick to ‘Stable’ releases. I really didn’t want to use MySQL 5.1 since it’s a snail compared to MySQL 5.5. Not having an ultra-fast storage array in my iMac this would become an issue with all the work I have to do. So I set out into Ruby land and banged out my first Homebrew formula.

Since it hasn’t been pulled into the official repo, here’s the latest commit: MySQL 5.5 Homebrew Formula

Mainline Homebrew now has 5.5.x as the default MySQL version

Updated: Oracle released MySQL 5.5.8; the first GA release of the 5.5 series.

Homebrew Formula cookbook
Building MySQL [5.5] from Source