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Cassandra Metrics Graphite Reporter Agent

With the release of Cassandra 1.2, many new metrics were instrumented with Metrics with CASSANDRA-4009. However, getting those metrics into something like Graphite was still a polling process. Metrics does have Reporters that let Java Agents push metrics stored in the registry to various datastores (Graphite, Ganglia, etc.) Currently, this requires writing the agent code, compiling it and loading it into Cassandra. Soon there will be a way to just configure these reporters using metrics-reporters-config with CASSANDRA-4430. For now though, this simple agent will push metrics into Graphite while filtering out some noise.

Datastax has a blog post with a brief outline of how to enable the GraphiteReporter but it doesn’t go into much detail or release any code. This post augments it with the missing pieces.

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Apache Cassandra FreeBSD rc.d script

We are a FreeBSD shop, so naturally we run our Apache Cassandra cluster on it. Unfortunately, there isn’t an rc.d script for it. Using cassandra/bin/cassandra -p /var/run/ has been working fine without any grief. However, it would be nice to utilize the rc system built into FreeBSD. I took the Tomcat 6.0 rc script that it is in the port system (www/tomcat6) and adapted it for cassandra.

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