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Introducing myvault

I wanted someway from a Unix shell to edit an encrypted file that would store some semi-sensitive information. Google failed to bring me any acceptable candidates. So I decided to dive into the world of shell scripting and came up with something I’m going to call myvault.

It uses OpenSSL to generate a random 32 character password, which it then uses to symmetrically encrypt the file. The password is then asymmetrically encrypted using an RSA key. A new random 32 character password is generated every time it is run.

By default, it uses your SSH key to open a file called “.myvault” in your $HOME directory using Vim. You can pass it arguments to use a different encrypted file and/or private/public key(s). You can even encrypt/decrypt any file which it then spits to STDOUT for your use.

Now I’m no shell scripting genius nor a complete beginner. So I may have done things inefficiently or down right wrong. Please leave feedback for improvements or changes.

Check it out here: http://github.com/dctrwatson/myvault